Mirage Island services

Note that I am hosting these out of boredom on a spare VPS and do not intend to make this thing big. I refuse to entertain you as 24/7 support. Sorry. You can host these yourself with Yunohost BTW.

Dispatch IRC Client - use to connect to Mirage's IRC or other communities
20 Euro - 2048 but European
PrivateBin - encrypted pastebin-esque thing, server doesn't read data in it

Connect to MirageIsland IRC
  • Host: irc.mirageisland.nl (port 6667 or 6697)
  • Name (if using Dispatch): irc.mirageisland
  • Channel: #main
  • On first join: /msg NickServ register [your password] [your email]

Hosted by Eppa on a potato glued with hope and prayers from my tech-literate friends.